In Business For Over 20 Years

Amy Teykl has been cleaning Austin and surrounding area for over 20 years, starting ATX Construction Clean in 2016.  With a broom in her hand and a vision to become one of the leading woman-owned construction cleaning companies in Austin. Because of her willingness to do the "dirty work," she never asks her crews to do anything she hasn't performed herself. The awareness of what it takes to get the job done right the first time, gives her the unique perspective needed to become an industry leader.

From multi-million dollar buildings, shells, hospitals, schools and more, ATX Construction Clean is a single source provider in all phases of your construction project.

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New Construction Cleans

Remove any remaining construction debris

Wash down windows, glass doors, and partitions

Remove any stickers on glass or appliances

Wipe down walls, door frames, and baseboards

Sweep and vacuum floors

Remodel Cleans

Window Cleans

Streak-free cleaning from our experienced team

Clean windows inside and outside

Clean windows of all heights

Experienced swing stage operators

OSHA 30 certifications

Floor Cleans - Every Surface

Strip and wax VCT

Grout haze removal

Burnishing Concrete

Auto floor scrubbing

Carpet Cleans

Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning and Spot Removal

Pressure Washing

Pressure wash all hard surfaces

Pressure wash buildings of any height

Sanitizing Cleans

Wipe down high touch points/areas

Disinfectant is from the approved EPA list

ATV Site Clean Up

ATV Exterior Site Clean Up
and Light Hauling

Garage and Parking
Lot Striping

Garage and Parking
Lot Sweeping

Construction and maintenance sweeping.  Parking lots and parking garages.  Contact us for rates.

Commercial Cleans:

ATX High Rise Access

For a Growing Austin Skyline. 

Offering Building Maintenance Solutions customized to fit your needs that include High Rise Access, Sign Install/Removal, Waterproofing, Window Cleaning and more.

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